06 Pontiac Vibe AWD Wheel Bearings


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06 Pontiac Vibe AWD Wheel Bearings

Hi all, anyone have experience with changing the front wheel bearing/hub assembly on a 2006 Pontiac Vibe AWD? I'm quite handy with tools and I'm willing to give this try. I know the brake caliper and rotor has to be removed but after that, what am I up against? Thanks. Roger
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I can't say for certain on a Vibe, but will have to remove axle nut at least, which can be problematic. Often need an impact gun to break them loose.
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Those are easy. Biggest challenge - besides Googling it - is to break center nut loose. So go to a parts store and rent the so called axle nut kit, that will have large size deep sockets. You'll need breaker bar. Then drive to any close by tire shop and ask them to break nuts loose just enough to drive back home safe and hand handle them. After done, which on my Silverado was about 15 minutes - seriously - go back to same shop and have them torque nuts back to spec. Give them like ten bucks or something.

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