Broken bolts n the manifold


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Two Bolts that hold a bracket for the power steering chamber are broke off in the manifold. How do I get them out without getting rippped off at the garage?
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Go to parts store and get an "EZ out" which will help in extracting broken bolts.

A hardware store should have it too. If you ruin the threads, you'll need a Helicoil to retap the threads for a new bolt.

Good luck.
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Before you start drilling and using an ez-out, is any of the bolt still sticking out or at least flush? Try a small hammer and chisel and turning it out.
But before you do anything, make sure you soak them with penetrent. If you have access to some torches, (not a propane torch, not hot enough) try heating them up and using some beeswax. The head broke off because of corrosion and heat locking the threads.
Good luck with this, not a fun job!
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Broken bolts

If there is any part of bolt still sticking out and you have access to a welding equipment, you can weld a flat washer to the end of the bolt and then weld a lug nut onto the flat washer. Then use an acetelyne torch to heat the metal and the bolt will come right out.

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