Wiring being chewed up on '01 Buick LeSabre


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Wiring being chewed up on '01 Buick LeSabre

Our 2001 Buick LeSabre is our backup car and is parked occasionally for several days between being taken out on the road. Today we had to get repairs for the Oxygen Sensor wire and the spark plug cables being chewed up by some wild critter - squirrel, chipmunk or something of that size; not sure what at this point.
Just writing to find out if anyone knows of an effective, safe way to discourage critters from doing this. I'd like to avoid any type of poison such as moth balls or insect spray but I'm not sure how effective Bitter Apple/Hot Pepper spray or anything of that nature would work. There's a lot of heat in those areas and you'd continually have to be spraying it on the wiring.
Not sure how effective wrapping the wires with additional electrical tape would be though I've found some kind of tape impregnated with the active hot pepper ingredient you wrap the wires with...
Any help appreciated.
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Most likely a large rat. That is how they sharpen their teeth. The harder the plastic, the better they like it. Wifey had an inboard boat last century, where the same thing happened. Every wire in the harness was chewed as well as intake covers. We put out sticky paper sheets around and inside the motor cover. It worked, and was he a rather large one "eek"
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Traps or sticky paper and check them often. It's rats for sure.
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Same exact thing happened to my sister new Nissan Altima 2012. She parked it outside and one day in 2013, the sparkplug wires were chewed to the bone. There was also a nest in the engine which beats me but it all happened during the winter time.

Insurance did take care of it and they explained to us that these new material in the insulation is coated with soy which attracts rats.

Read this:

Rodents Damage Cars By Chewing Electrical Connections: Tips On How To Avoid Costly Repairs | Connecticut Consumer Advocate Protector Watchdog | Ct Consumer Complaints |Ct consumer Protection | Ct Advocate | Ct Consumer

Rats chewing car wiring- any ideas on preventing it?

They also recommend coyote urine.
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Also a groundhog. Are you parked on grass or dirt? Happened to me recently the ONE time I needed to park on the grass so the drive could be sealcoated. Chewed through the fuel pump wires.
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Ok! thanks for everyone's replies... Lot of different options to think about but want to avoid anything that might result in an engine fire if I forget to take it out before driving any distance (which is bound to happen eventually...)
I'm inclined to think this may be more of Winter thing, especially since the car would go days or even a week or two between trips during the coldest periods.
After it rains tonight, I'm going to throw down some powdered limestone under and around the car to see if we're still getting visited by whatever animal it is.
I live in the country and we do have a couple packs of coyotes running around but was unable to get the one I caught to fess up with some pee - must've had shy bladder... just kidding, but coyote/fox urine used by the trappers might work good.
I could also fasten one or more of those sticky-pad mouse traps in there as well - hooked/fastened somewhere away from the exhause manifold but near the Oxygen sensor and spark plug wires. Even though it wouldn't stop a rat, those things will definitely pull some fur to get an ID on the critter.
Thanks again guys,

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