catalytic converter noise


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catalytic converter noise

2013 Kia optima 43k miles.
The car has a loud tick/ping from the cat. conv. begining just after the car is warm(2-3mins). and continues several minutes after shut off.

No external damage, but noise is a lot louder than normal.

I know thy can make similar noises to a much lesser level, but this is audible from across a parking lot.

How do I tell if it's going bad prematurely??

What is considered normal/acceptable noise levels?

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Normally you'll hear some clinking and pinging during warmup and cool down. It's not usually louder than the engine running though.

I don't know how loud your noise is and if it's signaling a problem but you should be able to bring it to the dealer for a listen to. The emissions parts of the vehicle should be under warranty for at least 100K miles.

Normal/acceptable noise levels is strictly subjective in this case.
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I understand that it will make some acceptable noises and will go away upon cooling--but this noise is just way louder than normal.

I went to the customer service dept. for Kia after dealership was useless.

If this car was till new on the lot, nobody would buy it because the noise is that loud. So in my opinion, it should be repaired under warranty plain and simple.

Thanx for the input
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Check your owner's manual, there should be someone to contact when the dealership won't adequately address a problem.
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I have seen catalytic converters break the inner honey comb material and it just rattles in there. But that doesn't keep rattling after a few minutes when the car turns off.
As for noise. You should hear no noise coming from it. Except for the exhaust noise. Maybe some crackling when cooling down. That's all.

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