98 Ford Windstar, weird issue


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98 Ford Windstar, weird issue

I have a 98 windstar 3.0 v6. When shifted into reverse or drive or the low gears I don't feel the transmission engage and the van won't move. I can put it in neutral and the van will drive forward, no slips or any issue shifting through gears for ~15 miles that I drove home. I can turn the van off and shift to neutral and it is actually neutral (I can push it backward or forward). Shift linkage is good, it moves as I shift from park to the low gears. I assumed that would indicate an issue with the neutral safety switch aka transmission range sensor so I changed it. The vehicle still does the same thing.

Would I be wrong assuming it's an electrical issue? Any thoughts on what could be causing this?
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not a tranny man but it sounds like you broke the shift selector in transmission.
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If it's an electrical issue, it will throw codes. Auto Zone may check it, for free. Once you get the code, look it up on the internet, to see what sensor maybe causing it.

PS. I just did a search on Google & the following site mentioned a sensor recall.

Ford Windstar Transmission - Page 7 - Car Forums at Edmunds.com

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