95 caravan brake dash warning light stays on


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95 caravan brake dash warning light stays on

My brakes went out replaced master cylinder, booster and rear brake shoes springs and repacked bearings and blead fluid. Now brake dash warning light stays on (no ABS light though) why would this stay on and how can it be corrected?
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Welcome to the forums.

There is a proportioning valve between the front and rear brakes. You lost the rear brakes so the brake balance sensing switch is probably stuck in the rear position.

Rebleed the front brakes. When you are bleeding them..... one side or the other.... give the pedal a little extra quick push down before closing the bleeder. A sharp flow of fluid to the front brakes should reset the switch.
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Went back and blead all 4 brakes starting with the rear and ending with the drivers side front bleeding the front sharply test drove brakes work fine including emergency brake but the brake light on dash is still on. Not mentioned in original comment I bench blead the master cylinder before it was installed.

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