2001 Ford Escape Xlt V6


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Exclamation 2001 Ford Escape Xlt V6

Hello Everyone I am the owner of a 2001 Ford escape.I'm having this current issue with my vehicle for the past month already I've spent roughly over $900 and still haven't been able to fix the issue. GI2 .my car currently isn't turning over it doesnt make any type of noise when I try to turn the engine on..my car does have power ex: lights,radio,windows and a.c my dashboard does show all the lights on and my odo reads ------- when the ignition is on when it's off it shows my current mileage which is 155299 I had to put in a new ecu or PCM because my other one was so damaged it could not be repaired.I also changed my spark plugs,starter motor,a few different fuses,check the battery and coils are in good working condition I'm trying to remember what else i changed but I'm literally blank since this situation has me pulling my hair out! Also I plugged in a code reader and it says error ecm not found..how is it possible if its new?!I've ask various mechanics around my area and apparently no one knows what's wrong.. Please help!!
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Welcome to the forums.

How was the other PCM damaged ? Fire, theft, baseball bat, etc. ?
PCM's don't just get damaged. It sounds like there is a problem with the power to it.
That power problem is still happening now rendering your new PCM dead.

If you personally intend to work on it you will need a service manual with wiring diagrams.

Here's how I would fix that. Using the wiring diagram I'd check each power wire to the PCM. There will be more than one. There will be at least one always live. At least two that become live with the key. If the power lines are all active then I would next unplug the PCM and check right at the pins.

This is not an easy job as there may be 60+ wires on the PCM plug or plugs.

A few more questions....
Did this happen all at once or had it been an ongoing problem and they just changed the PCM ?
They changed the PCM and the problem was gone and then the problem just happened again or was it intermittent after they replaced the PCM ?
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why was the old pcm bad. and possible blowen fuse?
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I'm curious about the replaced ecm, too. Unless you are pretty proficient with a wiring schematic and a multimeter, this is likely to be quite a project. I would keep asking around until you find a mechanic that is really good with electrical systems. Fortunately I suspect there are a few in Miami, just have to find them.

And I know nobody likes to hear it, but pretty soon you are likely to have spent as much as the value of the car (~$2500-3000); you're a third of the way there already. Just something to think about.
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Check all grounds in engine compartment including the negative battery cable to the engine connection. Clean n all.

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