Vandal sprayed glue on my car- help!


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Vandal sprayed glue on my car- help!

This morning, I noticed that some idiot sprayed something on the door handles of my car. It appears to be a spray adhesive, but it has dried & is not very sticky. I tried very hot water, but it didn't work. Any ideas on how to remove this without ruining my paint finish?
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Try a product called un-do. It won't hurt a car's finish. You can get it an Wallyworld, Michael's and Joann's fabrics. Not sure where else it's sold.
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Start with low level solvents. You've already tried water. Next I'd go for rubbing alcohol, then mineral spirits or paint thinner. I'd also try Goof Off. If nothing is working then I'd very carefully try lacquer thinner or MEK. The last two are pretty strong solvents so you want to be careful to not get them on non-glued parts of the car and don't let it stay on the car too long. Many parts, even ones that look like metal, are actually chrome plated plastic and the solvent can attack the underlying plastic. So, start mild and keep going up the scale until you find something that will work.
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Might try WD-40 also.......................
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Otherwise, OP, try steam. Steamer.
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Thanks for the tips everyone. I had some bug & tar remover sitting in the basement, so I gave it a shot, and it worked great. Hopefully, it didn't disturb the clear-coat.
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You'd probably know right away if you hurt the clear coat. Might not be a bad idea to wax it though

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