2004 Ford Freestar...car barely starts, even with new battery


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2004 Ford Freestar...car barely starts, even with new battery

So I have een having what seems to be electrical issues with this car. The radio and clock wouldnt turn off and it drained the battery frequently. I have put in a new battery and it was going well for a while and then the radio thing started again. I started to remove the relay in the fuse under the dash so it wouldnt stay on. I onyl drive teh car to work and back, 4 miles round trip. Now it wont turn over and starts clicking even with the new battery. It wont start if I leave it alone for more than like 5 hours. Its like something is draining it while it sits overnight, but I cant figure it out.
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It sounds like your battery is drained and needs to be charged. Once charged up if you disconnect the battery when you park it for a long length of time it won't discharge ..... but you do need to figure out why it's discharging so you can fix it.
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Could it be that your short trip to work is not enough time to recharge the battery?
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I believe that I would start by inspecting the grounds; disconnecting, cleaning the mating surfaces, and reconnecting them. You will find one at the other end of of the negative cable from the battery, and there is most likely one, probably a bit harder to locate without a manual, although may find online, between the body and chassis. Not as likely, but I would also check the hood and any interior accessory lights, to make sure they are not staying on. If you happen to have a trailer connector, I would also inspect and check that with a VOM, as they can sometimes be damaged, but easily overlooked.
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Have the alternator checked for shorted diode. That will drain battery quickly.


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