battery protector grease vs anti seize grease


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battery protector grease vs anti seize grease

My battery bracket screw that holds down my battery had become corroded and seized up. I was able to get it loose and cleaned up and ended up applying permatex battery grease from those little packets. Then, I saw that permatex makes an anti seize grease. Would you remove the battery protector grease from the bracket and apply the anti seize? Or will it suffice? Does it have any anti seize properties?
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Dielectric grease is usually a silicone grease which is pretty good stuff. I think the grease you applied will certainly help keep the threads working and I wouldn't bother buying something else and go through the hassle of cleaning off the dielectric and applying the new.
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Agree with sticking with what you have. Anti-seize works well, but has its' place, and can be messy to deal with the next time around, even if a couple of years from now. It's important to make sure the threads on the bolts are good beyond the point of contact, so you know that the clamp is actually tightening and not the nut running up against messed up threads. If you have any doubts about the bolts, most auto parts stores will have carded ones along the counter or where the batteries are displayed.
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This didn't smell or look like dielectric or silicone. It smelled like bearing grease to me. I suppose I will leave it and just keep an eye on it.
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Anti-seize compounds are normally very messy compared to greases IMO. Almost anything from vaseline to bearing grease would work.

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