PT cruiser front end noise


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PT cruiser front end noise

Hi all. Just getting some ideas here. Won't be able to investigate for a few days. Anyways, 2002 PT cruiser with 49,000 miles. Background NYS inspected 5 weeks ago. Mechanic who is very reputable said needed sway bar bushings and the passenger wheel bearing was on its way out but would pass ( I had heard a slight growling noise). I had the bushings done and the bearing about two weeks later. The driver side front wheel bearing was replaced about 2 years ago. Now another issue has cropped up in the last week. I have had many cars with brake issues, but have never heard/felt this and not sure if it is even the brakes. When traveling and apply the brakes they don't feel right and almost feel like a warped rotor. Along with this though is the puzzling part as I have felt warped rotors before. When traveling straight there seems to be a growling noise but when you are going about 40mph or beyond and you just turn the steering wheel slightly to the left you feel the thumping and growling get worse until you straighten out. Does this sound like it could all be contributed to a brake issue. In the past, all my brake issues appeared when braking, not when turning the steering wheel as well. Any thoughts on things to check.
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Check the motor mounts. PT's are bad about breaking motor mounts which can cause some strange noises and vibrations.
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And just an observation, but I don't think I know any good mechanics (and I know a lot in my line of work) who would say " the passenger wheel bearing was on its way out but would pass".

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