Help catch a car destroyer


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Help catch a car destroyer

My car was smashed in almost a month ago while parked on the street. I've been trying to identify what kind of car has hit me all this time with so many different methods and asking so many different people. Sadly none of my neighbors' cameras reach out into the street so I don't know the type of car. What I do know is the plastic part that I have. It has "fl" molded into it. I can't tell if it's f1 or fl (letter L), but I'm assuming it's fl (letter L) since the f is lowercase. I was hit on the back left so the car that hit must have hit me from the front right. My bumper nearly came off, and it has a mark that looks like it could be from a tire. I've looked at multiple car models, mostly Pontiacs since I thought it was a specific neighbor, but nothing is matching. I also called a place called Dennis's Chevy Truck Parts, and the woman I spoke to said that the part number I gave her didn't bring up anything, so I'm under the impression that this rules out any Chevy vehicles. Please, if you can help or direct me to other forums that can, I would REALLY appreciate it.
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Welcome to the forums! Finding a vehicle this part is from may be difficult, if not impossible. It is a trim piece, but that's about all I can tell. You have made your police report, I trust, and they are privy to the description of this part as well. Maybe some of the others can help, so hang in there.
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Most vehicles now days have all painted trim or it is chrome. I think you are looking for an older vehicle. Perhaps you can go to a local junk yard and wander around and see if you can find a car/truck with that molding.

Good luck!
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That looks a little like a clip that would fasten to the body and hold on a side molding.
Maybe wide enough for a pick up truck or full size van?
Perhaps the hole is for wires for a side marker light?

Where is Gil Grissom when you need him???
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Have you gone by any body shops?
A couple of things:
Who knows, the person may have gotten the car fixed. If so, the body shop may remember installing the part.
Even if the car hasn't been repaired or repaired locally, a good experienced body guy, who has repaired many vehicles over many years, can probably look at it & tell you exactly what it is & close to the make & model of the vehicle. If nothing else, he may do a little research for you to get you the specific model. But, a good body man may be your best bet to recognize a part like that.
Try several body shops.
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Thank you guys so much. I will try everything said. I have gone to a couple mechanics already. Guess I'll just have to find the right one somewhere that can help me out. I REALLY appreciate the ideas
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Dixie hit the first thing I thought of; a good body man may immediately recognize an obscure part that isn't normally seen or paid attention to.
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I think Dixie and Tow guy are correct. A body guy will have better knowledge of the outside parts while a mechanic is more of an inside guy.

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