2004 NIssan Xterra Trailer Wiring


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2004 NIssan Xterra Trailer Wiring

Hi guys!

I've ran in to a bit of a pickle with this one.

I got a new (used) Xterra, with the towing package, but the wiring harness was never installed. I found the place where the harness would usually plug in to, but I wasn't able to find the harness itself, so I bought a standard one, cut off the plug, and attempted to splice the wires.

The trailer harness is standard - Brown for continuous light, green/yellow for turn signals and break, and white for ground.

The Xterra however, has the following colors: Black, Blue with a red or pink stripe, Green, and Yellow. I attempted to hook up green to green and yellow to yellow, and did some tests with the other colors, but my breaks and flashers never ended up working.

Does anyone know which one between the black and the blue with stripe is supposed to be my ground, and which one is supposed to be my continuous (tail light) ?

By the way, I know nothing about this, so if anyone has a tip/tool suggestion that would help me figure out which is which and how to proceed, I would really appreciate it.

Also, it is very possible the the wiring on the trailer wasn't good. At this point I would simply like to confidently splice my wires, knowing that the car end of things is hooked up proprely. I will investigate the trailer after.

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First of all, isn't the correct harness available, from the dealer? Anyway, in my time as a mechanic which was forever ago, black was always the ground. I never saw white as a ground. I'm not saying that it can't be. I just never saw it. Do you have a 12 volt auto test light? That's really what you need.
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Drop in to one of the bigger autoparts stores and ask. If they don't have the adapter in stock, they should be able to get you one in a short time. Also, if your signals and brake lights operate separately, you'll need the in-line converter that separates them.
See link : 2004 Nissan Xterra Trailer Wiring | etrailer.com
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When you say "if your signal and brake lights operate seperately", do you mean on the trailer, or on the car?

The trailer has 2 lights, so everything goes to that...

I kinda already cut the car end of the adapter off. In hindsight, that may have not been the best idea, but I really thought it would be straightforward plugging 4 wires together and I was expecting to go fishing on saturday morning. That did not work out unforunately.

I guess I'm just going to buy a 12 V wire teste so I can really know which wire does what and get it over with

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