Question Re Honda Accord Oil Pan Bolt Replacement


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Question Re Honda Accord Oil Pan Bolt Replacement

Hi. I brought my 2007 Honda Accord v6 (103,000 miles) in for an oil change today. The mechanic explained that someone had used a Dodge bolt on my oil pan and that the Dodge bolt was removed to drain the oil. He could not replace the bolt with a Honda bolt but instead had to replace the bolt with another Dodge bolt. He said that the new Dodge bolt did tighten. He said I needed to be careful about this. I do not know when exactly the original Honda bolt was exchanged with the Dodge bolt. I have not noticed any oil leaking from the vehicle.

Can I leave things as they are, or is it dangerous for me to leave the Dodge bolt in? If I brought the car to a garage how much would they charge to replace the entire oil pan (parts and labor) and how much would they charge to create a new hole for a new bolt and plug up the old hole?
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I assume you mean the drain plug. Not sure what the difference is between the 2 plugs or why he couldn't reuse the one he took out As long as it tightens/seals well there shouldn't be an issue.
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hi marksr. thank you for the feedback. and yes, i was referring to the drain plug, because it is threaded, it looked like a bolt to me.
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Yes.... it goes into a threaded boss and it does look like a bolt.

Honda is notorious for stripped oil pan bolt threads. The part that the drain plug threads in to strips usually requiring an oil pan change. If that plug isn't leaking and fits tight.... don't mess with it.
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Hey PJMax. I am from NJ too. Thank you for your insight in regard to this drain plug issue.
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I know just about nothing about Hondas , but on American cars , best I remember , you used to be able to buy a 2 piece replacement bolt . The outer piece had external threads made to cut new threads in the oil pan boss . It also had a threaded hole down the center .

The second piece was a smaller threaded plug that threaded into the center hole of the first plug .

The procedure was to install the outer piece , with its included gasket and never remove it again . When it came time to drain the oil , the smaller plug was removed & then replaced when the oil had drained out .

No idea if this kind of replacement part is available for a Honda . But who knows , if this is a common problem , it may be . Try some google searching .

You may wish to source a supply of gaskets ( if it uses one ) for the Dodge drain plug .

God bless
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The bolt type doesn't matter a bit as long as the threads are good, it tightens properly, and doesn't leak.

Most drain plug problems are caused by one thing and one thing only; ham fisted people grunting them down too tight and stripping or pulling the threads in the oil pan.

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