squeal or whine when turning right


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squeal or whine when turning right

2011 Hyundai Sonata, 80k miles

The title is slightly misleading but don't have a better way to describe it in 8 words or less. Consider this scenario: when cruising on the highway around 70-80mph, you make very slight adjustments to maintain your position in your lane by putting pressure steering right or left (clockwise or counterclockwise) on the steering. When I adjust slightly turning to the right, there is a high pitched whine. If I slow down or turn left slightly, there is no sound. I checked it on slower roads (25-35mph) and slower highway speeds (55-65mph) and there is nothing. There is no vibration or other interuption to the smoothness ride.

What does this sound like to you? bearings? tires? suspension? Just want to give some direction to my tech to save some time in diagnosing it. His shop is not near the highway so a road test to reproduce the problem is a long adventure.

- Peter
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To me, a whine usually indicates a power steering pump or a transmission. In your case, it would be the power steering pump. To my surprise, newer Hyundais power steering pumps are sealed & fluid can't be added.
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We had something similar fixed recently. Combination of wheel bearing and ball joint. Got worse when you turned right, better when you turned left. But yeah, describing it as a whine sounds like power steering. Could also be road noise from something being slightly out of camber or out of alignment.

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