Turning Right +> fuel starvation?


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Turning Right +> fuel starvation?

my 92 buick lasabre 38 special 180k miles runs awesome. But when im out and about like just afew minutes ago i was driving. My tank has more then 1/4 less then 1/2 tnk of gas and when I turn right the thing sputters and cant go. I tried turning left and no problem. So I think its possibly the sending unit but im unsure as of right now. Could be the filter but why only on right turns?
Kinda sucks trying to get on he highway in a 55 zone where every one is goig 60-65 you know?
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The sending unit only operates the gas gauge but there could be a problem with the pickup in the tank. I'd inspect the whole length of fuel line [from tank to carb/injectors] first.
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Sounds like a symptom of old fashioned Vapor Lock . . . . where, someplace along your fuel line, there's a hot spot where the fuel is vaporizing before it gets to the injectors, and apparently only when you're engaged in making these turns . . . . and after you complete the turn, that spot cools down again and the fuel returns to liquid.

Sometimes you'll see engine compartments with clothespins decorating the fuel lines to address this type of vapor lock problem . . . . or variations of it. Look for a mobile piece of fuel line ?

But I could be wrong.
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Had a similar problem with a '85 Ford Crown Vic 302 ci engine. It would sputter on left turns and run like a scalded cat on right turns.
After much looking and lots of time, I finally found problem It was shrunken insulation on injector wiring allowing the wires to short together on left turns and stop the injectors. A few inches of electrical tape cured the problem and I am still driving the car.

Hope your problem is as simple.
Yes, I had replaced the in tank pump to no avail.


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