Charging AC 2002 Explorer


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Charging AC 2002 Explorer

Charging my AC for the first time and it was at 10psi. So I start the process and the gauge fluctuates between low and 55. Finally stabilizes around 40 as I continue the process. As the can gets low, the pressure starts to drop, finally reading around 32 psi when the can is empty. I assume that I need another can and the fact that the refrigerant was so low is the reason it only went up to around 40 and didn't go any further.
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Sorry for the inconvenience but the management of the DIY board does not allow us to discuss actual charging methods and pressures associated with refrigeration systems as EPA certification is required.

I know anyone can buy the car recharge kits but we still don't discuss the automotive systems either.
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if you take this to a shop, please say you used a can to charge. the stop leak in those cans will tost a machine they use to fill the system.

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