Toyota Corolla 1996: Replacing A/C thermal sensor


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Question Toyota Corolla 1996: Replacing A/C thermal sensor

My car A/C does not work now, and a mechanic figured out the problem down to broken thermal sensor in the A/C system. It is the thermal sensor that is supposed to sit behind the dashboard somewhere; the mechanic said the dashboard has to be removed to get to it. The mechanic referred to this part as "thermistor" (which sounds reasonable to me) but I can't find what it is and how much it costs on the web.

Can somebody tell me how to get to this part in the car and where is it located in the car? What is the precise name of this part?

I believe what the mechanic said, since the car smelled bad like electrical burn when this problem began to appear. Something must be burned, and it sounds like this thermal sensor is what is burnt. As a temporary workaround, the mechanic put a cable to short the thermal sensor so it is always connected. But I don't like this solution if I can fix it.
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See if lists it. How much does he want to fix it?

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