CV-Joint hole in boot next to wheel; Will hand-packing grease work sufficiently?


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CV-Joint hole in boot next to wheel; Will hand-packing grease work sufficiently?

On my last state inspection, mechanic reported a 'thumb-size' hole in the left-front CV-joint boot next to where the axle joins the wheel.
This is a 2007 Malibu with 128K miles on it.
When I changed my oil last week I checked it out and found the hole directly on the lower side of the rubber boot - I could feel there was still grease around on the inside of the boot around the joint. I went ahead and packed as much grease through the hole with my grease gun and wondered if this would be a suitable fix until repairs can be made later this year.
The car is our backup and is usually only driven by me locally on short trips or an occasional 30-60 mile trip infrequently.

It doesn't look like there'd be any way to repair it short of replacing the CV-Joint ...
Just wondering what the experts think about hand-packing the CV boot given the use the car has on it ?
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The hole will allow water/road grime to get inside and ruin the joint. Best thing to do is replace the boot while that is the only issue. Don't let the problem escalate.

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1/2 shaft has to come out to replace boot, If you have never done it I would suggest replacing haft shaft.
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They used to make split boots as replacements, but everything I saw said they were a PITA to install and often the seal was compromised as they had to be glued together.
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For the price of half-shafts, I agree with pug.
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You would be a lot better off buying a new half shaft as opposed to remanufactured. Once bought a car with a remanufactured one from the chain that uses a lot of orange in their zone name. Six weeks later, I had to get a new one. Granted the new one was twice the price, but lasted at least 60,000 miles before I sold the car to my insurance company after a deer jumped on my hood and roof totalling it.
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Forget split boots. Good luck with those.
I drove around for several years and many miles with plastic grocery bag wrapped tightly over ripped boot and taped over to hold in place. Simply replaced bags ever so often. All you need really is to prevent dirt from getting inside.

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