Convertible Roof,


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Convertible Roof,

Hi, I'm helping a friend with a 1971 Cadillac Eldorado (Convertible Roof Top).

He didn't get the cover (for the Roof top) when he purchased the car (last year) so he recently bought one.

This cover is the one that attaches and snaps into place when the Convertible Roof Top is down. The Roof Top is down in between the back seat and the trunk and the cover attaches on top of it. At the back, the cover edge has white plastic borders that have to put in place by pushing them underneath the chrome trim, that is in between the trunk and back seat. The front of the cover has snap buttons that snap right at the back of the back seat.

The problem: as we tried to put the cover on, we realized that the actual roof itself is not complete going down, that is in between the back seat and the trunk area, where it is all compacted for storage. We manage to put the cover on the left side (see pic, if looking at the car from behind) but were not succesful on the right side as the roof top is still sticking out too much of the storage area.

See Pic-01.jpg, the stored roof is higher on the right side, if you look at the car from behind. This pic is a right side view (from behind the car).

See Pic-02.jpg, this pic is a left side view (from behind the car). You can tell that the left side of the stored roof is lower that the right side.

Also, we made sure that when the roof came down, that it folded properly and didn't created a lump on the problematic side.

My questions are:

1. Anyone that can confirm that the roof should be going lower than the picture shows ?

2. If there is a problem with the mechanism bringing up and down the convertible roof, can someone help troubleshooting the problem ?

3. The metal rods holding the roof have different shapes and it is hard to tell if they have been bent (accidentally).. if so this could be the problem, therefore would anyone know a website or have a picture of the shapes of the original rods?

4. Can you think of anything else, this problem could be ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Detailed info would be great. Many thanks.
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It certainly appears that the roof should go lower than that & the rods could be the problem unless there is something else blocking it. Maybe a child's toy or something else that fell in there?
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There is no objects in the way as we made sure it was all clear... since the very beginning.. thanks...

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