Replacing a Clutch on a 2005 mazda tribute i2.3L front wheel drive


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Replacing a Clutch on a 2005 mazda tribute i2.3L front wheel drive

I need help on replacing a 2005 mazda tribute i2.3L my clutch has been looked at and wondering step by step on how to remove the clutch. I went to the shop to find an estimate and it is high up to 900 dollars. I rather do it my self. Anything can help.
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Welcome to the forums.

I've done many transmission and clutch changes on rear wheel drive vehicles but front wheel drive vehicles are much more difficult. I'm not sure if I'd attempt a front wheel drive transmission removal.

I can't give you a whole lot of help but I can tell you that you will be jacking the vehicle up to remove the front wheels and axles. Be sure you have the vehicle well supported on jack stands.

It wouldn't be a bad idea to pick up a basic service manual....... if even one of those ones from the auto parts stores. (AutoZone, Advanced Auto, Pep Boys, etc.)

Others will stop by..... possibly one of them may have some more useful information for you.
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Oh the Mazdas...
You will need basic set of tools, impact wrench, solid jack stands, fluids to be replaced, drain pan and some tools to be rented from a parts store.
You will need to remove the transmission side wheel, half axle and likely strut. To clear pass for transmission. Then you need to remove trans,mission which is a 2 person job without trannie jack and dolly. They are not that heavy, but rather awkward.
Then you have access to clutch system.
Knowing Mazda, chances are quite good that you will need to remove cross member and suspens engine for that, or remove entire engine and trannie as single piece.
That being said, are you up for all this?
Maybe find a mobile mechanic off craigslist that will do it for you? If you do not have solid equipment and area to work in and at least some experience - do NOT attempt to DIY this.
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Clutch jobs on FWD vehicles are more difficult than your garden variety RWD cars.
The suspension will have to come apart on one side and separated on the other side enough to allow removal of the halfshafts.
You will need jackstands and a floor jack of course to support the transmission along with something to hang the engine from.

Th engine must be supported from below with another jack or from above with an engine support which can be either store bought or made by hand.

There's really no easy way around it. Once apart you should check the flywheel for burn marks and flatness and the pilot bearing in the flywheel should also be replaced.
While it's not often done, I always replace the engine rear main seal while the clutch is out. The last thing you want is to put it back together and the rear seal start leaking the following week.

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