Hyundai Sonata wouldn't start.


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Hyundai Sonata wouldn't start.

2012 Hyundai Sonata - inside resteraunt for a little over 1 hour on a hot Saturday afternoon. Came out, car wouldn't start, wouldn't even turn over. dome lights dim. thought it might be dead battery in FOB. Inserted FOB into port, and also changed FOB battery. nothing worked. Couldn't even lock/unlock door/trunk with FOB or with controls inside car. Only indication of power was the power seats would move forward and back.

As my father in law was getting out of car, some sort of alarm was going off. In his typical fashion, he locked the car and ignored the warning. I believe it may have been either the interior dome lights on (but thought they would just shut off by themselves, as they do in most cars) or maybe he left the ignition in ACC or ON mode by mistake. Even so, would this drain the battery enough, after 1 hour, that the car wouldn't start? We found someone to offer a jump, and it started, and hadn't had any issue since. He refuses to take car to shop or dealer, since he checked the battery with his multimeter and voltage is reading just fine.

So, could this have just been leaving something on, or should he get car checked out? My biggest concern is that he drives my young kids around frequently, don't want him getting stranded somewhere with the kids with him.

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If you had the fob outside the car then it's not likely the ignition was left on. More likely to have left the headlights/parking lights on.

The quality of lead acid batteries is not what it used to be. A volt meter is not a definitive test for a car battery's health. It needs to be taken and load checked. Many of the auto parts stores will check for free.

It couldn't hurt to have the alternator checked too as well as to make sure the battery connections are clean and tight.
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