Sea Foam Motor Treatment


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Sea Foam Motor Treatment

Anyone use Sea Foam Motor Treatment in their engines? What about Auto-RX? I peaked into the fill hole of my 2008 MDX and everything has a burnt orange color to it. I'm thinking maybe this is old oil that has become baked on over the years. I have a feeling the previous owner didn't change the oil as often as they should have. My wife drives the car primarily and drives very short distances (less than 5 miles per trip), so I'm sure that has something to do with it. Nonetheless, I just purchased the vehicle and would like to clean it and start over fresh so I can keep an eye on just how quickly it returns to this state.
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Just makes a lot of smoke. Can foul your O2 sensors and hydrolock the valves when put though booster..

Also may foul the plugs.

Its snake oil imo although I used it on the harley through the carb to clean the carbon build up on the piston,valves. But looking in the heads it did minimal cleaning.

Oh I did try it on my truck 8 years ago or so. and noticed nothing in regards to performance.

IMO throw in a quart of trans fluid in the engine oil and drive a couple hundred miles. ( Make sure your a quart low first)

That will clean the engine out better then anything I know. I do that to my truck and the sludge that comes out is amazing. But I do have 160K and the 4.3 v 6.

Its what marvels mystery oil is.. Just trans fluid...

All my opinion though...
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I used SeaFoam in the gas of a couple of small engines and after a tank they did seem to start and run a little smoother but I have no empirical evidence.
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Used to have fun pouring it directly into the carb with the engine running - lot of smoke, indeed.

I know guys who use it as fuel stabilizer as well but, like Vic, no scientifically valid data available.
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My thought is that if the manufacturer does not recommend it, I don't add it. I do add some stabilizer to seldom run gas engines, but that's it.
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Back in the 70's, a friends dad used to regularly "clean out" the engines on his cars by slowly pouring a half a quart of trans fluid in the carb. Talk about smoke! Of course this was before cats and emission controls. He said it "burned the carbon out". Maybe it did, maybe it didn't.

I have a Suzuki Verona (only made for 2 years and then they pulled out of the US market) with an transverse I-6 cyl. When looking for repair info I found many reports that they are a very "sludgy" engine. Some people recommended SeaFoam or other engine cleaner (STP, Gumout, etc) for 500 miles and then an oil change and repeat after a few thousand miles.

As far as I'm concerned, if it's running ok, then just regular oil changes should be fine as long as you aren't seeing the white milky foam.
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On a different note, I do use it in my Cummins 5.9 Turbo, crankcase. I only add one ounce of 2 cycle motor oil per gallon of diesel at fill up. Newer fuel has dropped the sulfur content drastically and newer engines run fine on it. But the injector pump on my 2001 will die a slow death if you lose all that lubricity provided by the sulfur. If it smokes when I upshift, I'm happy.
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Some engines make an orange varnish as a fact of life.
If it is just a discoloration I would ignore it.
If it's caked & coked then that may be a different story.

Are you going to use a synthetic oil in it? That will likely clean it out well (as well as can be expected).

I find my life much easier and simpler if I don't look down the crankcase fill hole.
Remove the cap, pour the oil in gingerly and close the cap.
Motor on in peace.

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Like Chris said, judge for yourself. I shall stand by Seafoam like a rock. I have been using it in all of our cars since 2001 with all engines running top notch, say rocker noises either gone or reduced.
I used it via spark plug holes only twice. Your pour it in and let it sit there overnight. Then you have to do oil change. Indeed, when you start her next day morning it produces military grade smoke curtain for about 5 minutes. But then engine runs better.
I treat my cars via fuel line twice or so a year and via cranckcase every about 500 miles before oil change.
I also had several respondents from this forum here PM me with gratitude and favorable results after recommanded Seafom treatment.
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It seems to run fine, but it seems like it could idle smoother. It is well overdue for a timing belt, so the timing could be off a bit. It was neglected for the first seven years of its life and I've dumped about $2,000 into it nursing it back to health. It gets horrible gas mileage (less than 15 city at best), which got me thinking something is awry. BTW, it's a 2008 Acura MDX.
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Any Check Engine Light or diagnostic code set? The fuel mileage doesn't sound that bad to me.

As to SeaFoam, it's a great product. It's not the answer to every problem but is a great fuel system or air induction system cleaner. I've never known of a problem to be created by the use of SF.

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