2003 grand am gt hard start after sitting


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2003 grand am gt hard start after sitting

Some mornings it starts right up. Some mornings it takes lots of cranking to get it started and some mornings it doesn't even start but I always hear the fuel pump. When it does start it runs fine. This has been happening for a couple weeks now. Now lately every now and then when the engine is warm I have to hit the gas pedal once with the car turned on before cranking it over to get it to start.

I hooked a fuel pressure gauge up and everything read fine with engine off and on. I let it sit on there over night and it read 0 in the morning but it was also a really cheap gauge. I turn the key on and the pressure goes right to where its supposed to and it still doesn't start. Even if its losing pressure over night it repressurizes right when i turn it on so it should start right if its the fuel pump right? I've tried priming it any number of times and that doesn't seem to make a difference.

I've also checked the fuel pressure regulator by checking for fuel in the line and taking the vacuum hose off while its running and the pressure jumped by 10psi just like it was suppposed to. I'm not sure what to do next or whats wrong. I might be losing fuel pressure over night but even with it primed back up in the morning it doesn't always start. I'm not mechanic by any means but the fuel pump and pressure regulator seem good to me. And me having to hit the pedal once before cranking it over while the car is turned on just started. I'm at a loss on what to do.

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When it won't start does it have spark?
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Yes it does. I'm just at a loss. Especially considering it runs so good when it does start.
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Before you actually start the car, are you turning the ignition switch to the "on" position until the pressure sensor stop the flow of gas? It's usually about 5 seconds.
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You have leaking injectors or leaking injector seal/-s. They flood spark plugs and it's hard to start.
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Hmmmmmmmm , fuel pressure would have been my first guess , also .

God bless

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