2003 Eurovan EVAP Carbon Canister


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Question 2003 Eurovan EVAP Carbon Canister

I have trouble filling my gas tank and know that my carbon canister has raw gas inside lines. I think that this model year has a check valve to prevent raw gas from entering the CC. I have replaced a bad N80 purge valve but still have this problem. What parts do I need to replace? Should I drop the gas tank and replace all the vent lines, etc.
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The charcoal canister and that vent system is designed to store gasoline fumes from the gas tank until the engine is running and the fumes are purged into the engine and burned.
That should have not effect on fueling the tank.

Usually there are two lines connecting the gas tank to the filler neck. One is large and carries the fuel to the tank. The other one is much smaller and allows air out of the tank while filling. That smaller one is called the vent line and may be pinched or collapsed shut.
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Red face

After removing the CC, I opened it up and replaced the plugged filter paper under the charcoal and reglued back together. Reinstalled and now I can refill the gas tank with out the nozzle shutting off after 2 gallons of gas. In the diagram, you can see that the vent hose is connected to the CC and vents when filling. The plugged filter paper would not let air escape fast enough for me to refill my gas tank. This should apply to all gas tanks.
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This should apply to all gas tanks.
If only all vehicles were built the same way. Unfortunately each manufacturer does things a little differently.

Glad you got your problem resolved and thanks for letting us know what you did. Other people searching for the same problem can benefit from your information.
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2003 Eurovan - Hard to start after refill


I am having a similar problem refilling my van. It stops once or twice during refill when the handle is set on auto.

Recently it has become difficult to start as if it is flooded after I fill the tank. It takes about three tries it starts and then I am good until I have to refill the tank again.


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Welcome to the forums.

Basically my reply to you is the same as this other poster. The charcoal filter doesn't affect tank fill up. A clogged/twisted/pinched vent line from the tank to the filler neck is the typical problem.

It is possible you have fuel in the vapor recovery tank that is being released back in to the manifold and flooding the engine.

If you want to fix this problem yourself..... get the service manual or equivalent that covers the vapor recovery system.

The emissions and vapory recovery system is too involved for us to be able to guide you thru repair online.
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FYI - This problem happens from "topping off" your gas tank frequently. This can cause gasoline to fill the charcoal canister, then air can not escape through the charcoal canister when filling your tank with gas. Thus the nozzle clicks off frequently even though the gas tank is not full.

Another problem is with the vent valve going to the charcoal canister. That may not be working or something may be clogged. The vent valve is different from the "purge" valve.*

*Note I have seen a LOT of different designs for EVAP systems. They of course seem to make each and every vehicle different! Anyway you are best to get a copy of the Factory Service Manual for your specific vehicle published by the manufacturer of your vehicle. Then you can see where various parts are located and how your specific system works/should work.

TIP: If you are having this problem, try using a ball point pen below the gasoline filler nozzle handle so the gas goes very slowly into your car. Then it will not "click" off. And do not top off.

Also you can make a cap which fits over your open gas filler hole (cap removed) and attach an air compressor hose to that cap. You should be able to blow air into your gas tank when the car is off. (And vent valve open, charcoal canister not clogged).

How an EVAP system works video...


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