door scratch


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door scratch

My 2012 toyota has a scratch on the door about 6" long. Took it to toyota and was told they needed to repaint the whole door for $1000 +. Tried to fix it myself but it looks terrible. Anyone know if thats the only way to fix a scratch or should a body shop be able to repair this without charging me for a whole repaint job?
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Tried to fix it myself but it looks terrible
That's why they have to paint the entire door. Try another body shop. You can probably get a better price.
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1. find a reasonably priced independent. Scratch should cost less than $400.
2. you can replace door fascia. Then you have topaint it.
3. look around junk yards. You can find entire door in matching color for less than dealer told you.
Normally, a "scratch" is fill, sand, color match. Not that much of work to charge a grand.
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I agree the price sounds high! What fix did you try? touch up paint brushed in the scratch? or with a spray can?
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Scratches may take same amount of time to fix - and with Know How - as entire panel paint job. It is virtually easier to replace and paint door fascia. Inlaws busted their RAV4 pass side door on my gate, had it fixed for less than $500. Fascia, paint, color match. It was front door fascia and rear pass door some scratches.

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