AC compressor making noise-do I need to have system flushed?


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AC compressor making noise-do I need to have system flushed?

My compressor on my 2004 Toyota 4Runner is making a nasty noise when ac is on. Sounds like a machine gun. AC blows cold air, and everything sounds fine with ac off. I took off the belt and was able to turn compressor but it feels stiff.

I would attempt to replace it, but I don't feel capable of flushing system. Plus, I also read that holes in condenser are so small that it is better to replace it at same time as compressor.

If I replace a working compressor that is making noise, is it most likely also starting to break down and add debris to system? And is it necessary to replace condenser too?

I have the V8. Thanks
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If the A/C is putting out cold air but is noisy only when the compressor is engaged you might consider having someone had an oil charge of a few ounces to it if it's not too bad. Over time auto A/C systems lose a little refrigerant (normal) and with the loss of refrigerant some refrigerant oil is also lost.

If the compressor is beyond hope then it will need to be replaced. The condenser does not need replacement unless it's leaking. The entire system including the condenser would need to be flushed out and the drier or accumulator (filters) replaced.

Failure to thoroughly flush out an A/C system after a compressor failure can lead to more problems including the failure of the new compressor as contaminants and debris can clog expansion valves, orifice tubes, and possibly even cores in the condenser.

Hope that helps some and as stated, if the noise is not too bad and the air is cold a few ounces of refrigerant oil may cure it. This is all assuming the compressor internals are what's making the noise.

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