2008 Infiniti G35X - Catalytic converter issue


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2008 Infiniti G35X - Catalytic converter issue

Approx 120k miles and more noise than usual was noted when car running. Last week the outer skin of the catalytic converter was falling off, half of it dragging on the ground the last mile of my commute home. I was able to simply pull the rest of it off with very little effort. Car sounds a bit louder now, figuring I need a new converter. Someone told me that converters should last the life of the car, and not rust out/fall apart after 7 years! Before I go to either dealer (really don't want to do that) or repair show (maybe muffler shop or pep boys?), will the dealer do anything for me or do I just need to bite the bullet and replace converter?

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According to the Infiniti warranty booklet ( found here ---> http://www.infinitiusa.com/ownership/warranty.html ), the 8-year/80,000-mile Federal Emission Long Term Defect Warranty applies only when BOTH of the following occur:

1) The vehicle fails to meet applicable emissions standards as judged by an emissions test approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA),

and 2) This failure results or will result in some penalty to you, such as a monetary fine or the denial of the right to use your vehicle, under local, state or federal law. So it sounds like the Federal Emission Long Term Defect Warranty only applies to the function of the catalytic converter as it pertains to passing an emissions test. The heat shield does not make you fail an emissions test, and therefore is not covered by the Emission Warranty.

And unfortunately the 7-year/unlimited-mileage Corrosion coverage applies to body sheet metal panel found to have developed perforation (rust-through) due to corrosion. It clearly states under the "What Is Not Covered" that ALL exhaust system components are not covered under the corrosion coverage.


I took mine to the local meineke muffler here in Howell. No right up on parts that he gets from the local parts stores. My opinion is they are fair and honest in that shop. Was $225 for my truck with a 2 yr warranty. Looked at the truck, looked in his computer, gave me a price installed...

For what its worth and my opinion only the local pep boys screwed up a brake job on my wifes car years ago when I was working 70 hours a week and could not get to it myself. It seems they have kids working there under the leader ship of one mechanic.( And he is not always there)

I personally would not ever even buy an air freshner from that joint. They are more interested in selling unrealted car parts, such as generators and the like..

Again my opinion some people like those places.

Additionally the local midas was $200 more and trying to upsell me crap I dont need when they did the evaluation. I stated I only wanted an estimate and he said he needed to put the truck on a lift.

They then proceeded to start removing my wheels to check my brakes.. ( REALLY!!!!)

Then told me the only cat he could get was OEM and it was over $500.. I said put my wheel back on and get my truck off that lift ASAP...

I must of had stupid written on my forehead that day.. When I told him I went to the parts store and they have a direct replacement in stock, he stated he dont use that store...LOLOL..

My story and all my opinion..

All these type stores are independently owned so you never know which franchise is better then the others unless you have used them before...

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