1964 Pontiac: no gas to carburetor.


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1964 Pontiac: no gas to carburetor.

1964 Pontiac 389 4 barrel -would not start -pour gas in carb it runs
installed new fuel pump -still no gas to carb -no gas in line to carb
could I have installed inlet and outlet lines wrong -old fuel pump not same as new one
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Welcome to the forums.

Usually the inlet and outlet sizes are different. If they aren't in your case then you could have them backwards.

You could have an "in tank" problem too. Has this car been sitting for a long time ?
The filter screen inside the gas tank could be plugged.
When you changed the pump.... was there gas in any of the lines ?
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IIRC, that fuel pump is driven by a lobe, on the camshaft which could be worn. Years ago, a trick was to put a piece of leather, on the arm of the pump.
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Why is the new pump not the same as the old one?

Did the car just not start one day or has it been sitting for a while?

A fuel pump on a '64 Pontiac is not rocket science.
A little troubleshooting and you should find the fault...
Wrong pump- pulp cam worn- plugged fuel filter- plugged line from tank- plugged line to carb- plugged filter in carb ..... that's about all the options
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Compare both pumps. The pivot arms may be different lengths. You could have missed the pump lobe. If memory serves me the lobe on Pontiac was at front of motor in front of cam gear and bolted to it.
Others have mentioned plugged screens, filters, etc.
Disconnect suction line at pump and apply no more than 5# of air pressure at filler neck. Gas should run out suction line.
Basic troubleshooting.

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Does that engine have a spacer between the fuel pump and block? If it does and the spacer came off stuck to the old pump and new pump installed without spacer, it would kill the pump. Ask me how I know (1974 Celica 18R; circa 1982).
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could not find pump like original-new filter-new fuel line
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no spacer any where that I can see
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there was very little gas in line-car has been setting quite some time-always had to pump pump pump to start
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If car has sat for some time pump, pump could be normal if overnight and need to pump more than once carb problem. Look for a cracked fuel line near pump or to tank.
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Easy solution, put an electric fuel pump in line between tank and mechanical pump. I think I used a Carter or Holley back in the day, but there are tons of them out there.
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IIRC different electronic pumps work in different ways, some push & some pull. Is that correct?

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