2015 Chevy Malibu LS 2.5L 4cyl Ecotec - questions on oil & transfilter location


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2015 Chevy Malibu LS 2.5L 4cyl Ecotec - questions on oil & transfilter location

Hi all,
I changed the oil on my '15 Malibu @8515 miles, which registered approx 40% remaining oil life which would mean about 10K miles before an oil change would normally be scheduled...

My questions are:
1. Does 10K miles between oil changes seem on the high side? I know with modern synthetic oil technology that the old 3K mile oil changes are needlessly wasteful but 10K miles seems high to me...
2. Any opinions on the 5W-20 DEXOS oil specified for oil changes. I remember when GM first specified 5W-30 oil for their engines, a lot of advice suggested you'd have a longer lasting engine using 10W-30 weight oil as all the 5W-30 oil was for just for little better fuel mileage
3. When I was changing the oil, I couldn't see a transmission pan - Anyone know where that's located or did they go to a sealed transmission unit like the old Pontiac Grand Am from a few years ago?

thanks for your consideration & reply,
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Does 10K miles between oil changes seem on the high side?
It sure does. I'm surprised the factory would set up a high mileage like that. They used to err on the cautious side and use a low mileage figure.

3K is a figure that many people still stick by today. I certainly wouldn't go over 5K on regular oil and 8K or so on synthetic.

The 5W-30 vs the 10W-30 has always been a hot topic. If you used a common sense approach based on oil viscosity..... you'd use 5W in the winter and 10W in the summer based on the Pa. winters.
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Oh, shish.... 3K is wind in sales of Quick Lube people. It's retarded. I did 10K oil changes back in 2004. Some Mercedes engines have oil changes scheduled at 60 000 miles, yes. And they run on nothing special, it's Mobil1 synth.
I have never heard of SW single weight oils, but they apparently exist. Sounds like another GM brainchild to sell more of THEIR brand whatever. Like infamous Dexcool.
OP, I'd inquire in Malibu forums. I bet someone already tried something, people don't like being chained to a specific "only this".
I bet Amsoil will work just fine and they have oil that is warranted for 25 000 miles.
Btw, have you noticed how same oils slowly but steadily creep into higher and higher mileage between changes? Mobil is real bad about this. They jumped from 3K to 10K in matter of few years
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My opinion on DEXOS oil specified for oil changes is you had better use it or your warranty is void.

Why would you want my "opinion" on when your "oil life monitor" says to change the oil ??...
I am neither a tribologist nor a GM engineer. I do; however, own a GM vehicle and follow the OLM.

There is lots of DEXOS approved oils out there. Many can be had at a reasonable price
dexos™ Licensed Oils List Continues to Grow

Follow the OLM and have many years/miles of happy worry-free motoring.
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I agree and I retired after 33 years at GM Product Service Engineering. I use the required oil or better such as Mobil 1.
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