Ford Focus cranking problem


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Ford Focus cranking problem

Tried to start my 2007 Focus today and got nothing - no cranking, no headlights, but the warning bell and interior lights worked. I had driven it earlier in the day with no issues. Figured I had a battery problem even though the battery is fairly new. I got my charger out and hooked it up at 10 amps. When I opened the door, the dome light began blinking on and off really fast and the warning buzzer (key in the ignition) began sounding twice as fast and very irregular. Car still would not crank. When I took the charger off, the dome light and warning buzzer went back to normal. I'm stumped, never had this happen before, and Yes, the charger was hooked up correctly. Any thoughts before I have it towed?
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Clean battery cables terminals before you come to any conclusions.
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It could be as simple as one of the battery cables not making a connection.

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