SAP removal on truck/car?


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SAP removal on truck/car?

I have heard using kerosene, gas, goo be gone among allot of stuff. I am contemplating using nail-polish removal. A little nervous about that?
What have you all used with success?
anything to stay clear of?

Cant wait till this pine tree is gone!!!
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I'd be afraid that nail polish remover would harm the paint. Gas, kero or mineral spirits should work. They also sell stuff at the auto parts store [probably wally world too] that claims to remove sap.
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WD-40 works well. Mineral oil/kerosene works well also.

No nail polish remover or paint thinner/reducer.
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Nail polish remover is acetone. That will remove the sap and possibly some clearcoat.

Lighter fluid is an excellent stain remover.
May remove the polish but will not hurt the clearcoat or paint finish.
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I use bug and tar remover most of the time.
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Denaturated alcohol. Great solvent for organic tars and harmless on paint. Goo Gone works very slowly and is GONE very fast out of the bottle.
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Lighter fluid is an excellent stain remover.
Which is NAPHTHA I believe. MUCH cheaper to buy it in the paint aisle.
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Charcoal starter is naphtha, lighter fluid certainly could be as well.
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Brake Clean - Used it for years in my detail shop. It does not harm paint and will wipe the sap right off.
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Alcohol works well. Just polish the area afterwards

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