2002 Ford Windstar won't start


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2002 Ford Windstar won't start

Hello , my 2002 Windstar , acted like a bad battery , replaced battery , but it won't turn starter or won't even sound like silenoid clicking. It first acted sluggish but then nothing.
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Welcome to the forums.

Do the headlights work ?
When you turn the key does anything at all happen ?

If you replaced the battery and the headlights look normal then that would point to a starter or starter wiring problem.

Try also starting the vehicle in neutral instead of park.
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How clean or dirty are battery cables terminals?
Is the infamous negative clamp loose or broken? They draw A LOT of power through those connections and must be very snug. Ford is known for having bad negative clamp connection design. And it's normally covered by insulation and it not "obvious".
Otherwise, it can be any fusible link from battery all the way to the starter.
Btw, BIG question. Can you jump start the car? That takes care of the starter question, right?
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Check the starter solenoid relay. There are four posts on the solenoid. Two little ones that connect the solenoid relay to your ignition. Disconnect these and move the wires away so you don't accidentally damage your ignition when doing the test. The two large posts are connected to heavier wire and complete a circuit from your battery to the starter motor. Use a remote starter switch or a screwdriver to jump power across the big posts. If the motor turns over then the solenoid is probably bad. You can also try borrowing a Ford solenoid from another vehicle. They're all pretty much alike. Remember to connect the tabs to the fender wall because that's the ground.

Also make sure your battery is fully charged. Might be your car is draining the battery somehow. Sometimes when the starter isn't working you can tap it with a hammer and it might work a few more times. Some parts stores will bench the starter.

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