2005 Dodge Caravan 3.3 V-6 Fluctuating Idle when in Park


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2005 Dodge Caravan 3.3 V-6 Fluctuating Idle when in Park

2005 Caravan with a 3.3 V-6 with 103,000 miles on it. Did a tune up at 95,000 miles, changed plugs, wires, pcv, fuel filter and cleaned TPS. The van drives and runs good but now when you drive it and then put it in park the idle starts fluctuating up and down. I turn off the key and start back up and the idle levels out. This started a couple weeks ago and does it about every time you drive it a while and put in park. Just trying to figure out what it can be before it turns into a bigger problem since it is wife's van. Thinking possibly the coil pack?? Van is not putting off any codes. Thanks for any help or suggestions.
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Does that engine have a throttle body with a butterfly that gets a little stuck when it gets dirty, causing that surging . . . . and may just need a cleaning ?
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I'd start by cleaning the IAC and check for vacuum leaks.
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Agree, IAC and check for vacuum leak . Maybe you cracked a line or knocked one loose when doing other work. Please confirm if idle problem was there prior to tune-up etc.

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