S-10 camshaft postion sensor question


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S-10 camshaft postion sensor question

have found the reason my S10 blazer is missing as I go down the highway. I think it's the camshaft sensor. I think I need to change it (got wet during a heater core flush......long story). I have changed the wires and distributor.

My question. Is their an easer way to get the camshaft roater to line up with the sensor, instead of hooking everything up again and again, and keep bumping the engine like the guy in this YouTube video did?

Thanks Guys

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You don't have to hook anything back up. Just bump the key.... a second at a time. You don't want the engine to start.... you're just tapping that plate around to match the sensor.

Get a second person and it's even easier.
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I think I just figured out what you are talking about. I don't have to hook everything back (so the spark plugs will fire turn the camshaft). If I just bump the key, the battery will turn the starter, which in turn will turn the camshaft so I can replace that part. Is that it?
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s10 camshaft sensor

For one what year is blazer...secondly it may be your " hall effect switch that fits under the distributor cap, thats what. Went out on mine at 75 miles an hour.did the swap and easy peezy.

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