Buick Century blower motor problem


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Buick Century blower motor problem

Hey guys

I'm driving a POS 1998 buick century whom of which I just replaced the blower motor resistor in that was about 3 days ago and in the process of putting the blower motor back in I accidentally snapped off a bolt so I ghetto rigged it up with duct tape and tightened, not fully, the other 2 bolts. It ran ok for a couple today's but tonight 11/27 it suddenly started making a loud buzzing sound like the sound of a card in a bike spoke. It also sounds like there is something in it almost like a leaf. I should add that the motor is an original part of the car. I would like to go out and look but am indisposed at the moment and it is supposed to get quite cold. Was I an idiot when putting it in and just need to adjust it? Or is it time to look at a new blower motor ( I hope not the latter because I can't afford it. Right now) oh also it produces a burning a burning smell as well when it runs for a couple minutes.

Any thoughts guys? Or am i just an idiot who needs to finish the job Thanks
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Either something fell into the blower wheel or the wheel itself is hitting the plastic housing. As those motors get older they draw more operating current which is one reason why the resistor pack burns up. Lack of airflow is another reason the resistor burns up.

Not sure what adjustment you're referring to but a burning smell is either the resistor or the motor.

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