Bleeding brakes that have ABS antilock brake systems and/or traction control


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Bleeding brakes that have ABS antilock brake systems and/or traction control

I have read several online articles on how to properly bleed a cars braking system. What surprised me was that the articles stated that if the car has an ABS antilock brake systems and/or traction control that you may need to use a special scan tool during the bleeding process to cycle the pump and valves.

My 2012 Hyundai santa fe has both ABS and traction control. How do i know if i need this special scan tool. If I need it is it worth bleeding the brakes myself or go to a garage.

thank you...
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A good mechanic once told me to bleed the brakes with the engine off. He said that you get more pressure that way. That would eliminate the ABS. I don't know if that's correct or not.

No matter what, I would bleed them myself.
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I own a 2007 Chev Uplander and the GM maintenance schedule makes no mention of bleeding brakes.

I have been driving since 1960 and never changed/bled brake fluid.... and never had a problem.

What does the maintenance schedule of your Santa Fe recommend ??
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probably a lot of vehicles that can be bled like normal and a few that may require a scan tool and you really don't have much choice but to see a garage or dealer if this is the case as the scan tool needed would not be cheap or feasible for an individual to purchase.
was possible at one time that owners could go to the Hyundai website and register
and get access to Hyundai shop manual online and find out for sure if a scan tool is needed for your vehicle might be something to check.
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If you have brake by wire system, you can NOT bleed brakes DIY. Period. Don't even try.
Say, new Camrys have brake pedal stroke sensor and that tells ECU how much braking to apply and that activates brake actuators distributing hydraulic force from brake accumulator. So to bleed the brakes, a techstream scan tool has to be connected to actually move valves etc in brake actuator.
For not so fancy systems, with conventional hydraulics, series of rapid accelerations to about 50 mph with very hard braking down to about 5, times 3-5, bleeds ABS module.

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