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Hello everyone. About 4-5 days ago, I posted a message in here asking about the cost of replacing the ignition coil on my 1991 Honda Civic. The dealer had quoted me $221.00 for parts and a grand total of $386.00 for parts & labor. So I never gave approval to them to fix my car as I had been checking auto part stores for the cost of the ignition coil. I found that the cost wasn't more than $70 for an ignition coil. When I called back the dealer and explained this to them, they told me that they also wanted to change the igniter. Well, I decided that if I want to change those 2 parts of the distributor, I might as well replace the entire distributor. I found the distributor costs around $160.00 with a lifetime warranty. Now what I'd like to know is, should I buy the distributor and take it to the dealer and have them replace it for me and I just pay for labor, or is this something that I can do myself? I don't know if I need a timing light for this kind of work, but I definitely don't have one and have never used one. Do I need any special tools? If I decide to replace the distributor myself, all I have to do is pay for the diagnostic test and then have my car towed from the dealer (AAA will tow for free). I'd really appreciate your advice on this as I need to call the dealer back today.

Thanks in advance
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Bad dealer, bad dealer . Shame, shame...

The igniter as I thought I sent you the link is either a recall or service bulletin item. Have you been assertive with the dealer or Honda corporate?

These are problematic, they should eat at least part of the repair

At one time Honda was changing the distributors under warranty . Guess they got tired of eating them and the costs of that goodwill.

I remember once or twice we called the dealer for a cap and rotor for a Honda of this vintage and they asked us for the Vin # and gave us a distributor. They charged it back to Honda. I guess they didn't want to eat the warranty problems!!
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what the dealer said

Thanks for the response Joe. I had already let the dealer fix it before I got your response, but when I got home I looked at the receipt again. I noticed that they didn't change the igniter. They changed the ignition coil, cap & rotor and charged me $265.00 for it. Originally, the lady told me that they would change the ignition coil AND the igniter. So, I called her back today and told her about it and also told her about the recall. She said the recall was from a long time ago and that she had mistakenly told me the igniter was going to be changed, but that it didn't need to be changed. Is there much I can do now? She's polite, but she stands assertively behind her words. When I had told her beforehand that I could buy a whole distributor for $170.00 with a lifetime warranty, she said well, if the distributor goes bad, they won't come and tow your car and pay the mechanic so that you can get a free replacement distributor, but if something goes wrong and we had fixed it, we don't charge you for the tow and repair. She had a point, but also, that's not a part that would go bad so quickly before 12,000 miles (that's the Honda warranty). I thought I'd just let you know what happened. Thanks for all the info and advice.
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Your next call is to Honda Motor Corporation in California to inquire about the recall on the igniter. See if your car is affected.

For such a supposedly well made car, Honda has changed that distributor cap and rotor design more times than you can say Sushi . Many, many problems with them.

Gotta love how they shove that one under the rug "It was a long time ago". Betcha there are Hondas out there with the old do I know? Because a guy I work with came to me with the same problem on his Civic .

I would call up Honda armed with the bulletin number and see what they say. No denying it when it's in print like that .
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Smile thanks

Thanks Joe! I will call them.
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Distributor replacement

Just replaced 91 Civic dist. a few months ago. It really isnt that hard, BUT to get someone to set the timing and all that stuff, i got a headache trying to find someone to do this for me so I say pay the dealer to do it so it will be under warranty and be done right so you wont have to worry about it being done correctly. Again, I say, it is an easy job to install it BUT!!! you make the call
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Yo, you're posting to a 5 year old thread here.

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