upgrading impala fog lights


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upgrading impala fog lights

I am getting ready to replace the fog light assemblies on my 2000 Impala because the lenses are so hazed over and have moisture in them. I am going to be moving to an area where there is a good bit of fog in a couple of months and I am looking to see what is the best type of fog lights to install. Is there a better one to put in than the OE ones that are there now? Any info that you might have is appreciated.
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Personally I don't find fog lights to be much help in fog. They only illuminate an area very close to the vehicle so their range is too short for anything over 30 mph. If you try "upgrading" to brighter, because of their low positioning, they tend to shoot a lot of light upward illuminating the fog and blinding oncoming cars at night.
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I agree with PD, I like the increased short range visibility but don't think they help all that much in the fog.
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I am all for fog lights. They eliminate the blind zone about 10 feet in front of bumper and that comes very handy. Also, fog has tendency to leave a ground gap, couple feet, and that's where the fog lights shoot, clearing the view. Mof, I need to install foggies onto my Camry, as based on my Highlander with foggies, it's a significant improvement.
OP, for some reason, iodized light bulbs work the best in fog. The yellow ones. Otherwise, you likely have adjustable housing anyway and can point them properly.
If you promise to be mindful of others and use them only as needed, go for the 7000 K bulbs.

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