A/C charging help


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A/C charging help

I need to ADD R-134 to my system. In as much as I have attached the can to the low pressure port I cannot determine the LOW pressure to find out when to stop filling. Can I connect the HIGH pressure gauge to the HIGH side port and use that pressure to determine when to stop filling or can only the LOW pressure be used? I have the HIGH pressure numbers.
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Why do you need to add refrigerant to your system ?
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Make/year/model of vehicle please .....
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This forum does not condone advice on DIY AC recharging. It is considered dangerous procedure if not properly done. I'm surprised Pete didn't say this.
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It has been the decision of the executive board here that using R134A automotive refrigerant does not require an EPA certification and is allowed to be discussed in the forums.

That doesn't mean I condone it because I've seen some accidents caused by DIY auto A.C charging.

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