2004 Ford Explorer Holding Back?


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2004 Ford Explorer Holding Back?

Just got a 2004 Ford Explorer and it feels like it is holding back. Put it in drive and it doesn't move forward until hit gas. When I am driving and release gas. It does t coast, it slows right down like as if I had the emergency brake on
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If there was a brake problem...... you could take a short ride, come back and feel all the rotors.
If one of the brakes was sticking..... a rotor would be excessively hot.
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Sounds like either the parking brake is stuck on or one or both front calipers are sticking. Do what Pete said to narrow down where the problem is. Don't drive to far as the parts will get very hot.
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1. silly as it is, but is parking brake released completely? I get it brake light should be on but what if it is broken? Start with simple things.
2. Do you have jack stands? Raise rear up and hand turn rear wheels. Do they spin without any delay? That's where your parking brake is, not in the front.
3. Is it a 4WD vehicle? By any chance, is it 4WD mode and lord save in 4LO?
4. If all above checks out fine, I am suspicious your transmission is stuck in low gear. I had two Fords both had transmission failures at some point.
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I have an Explorer with AWD, and these DO decelerate more rapidly than a car, due to the drag from the AWD/4WD system. Is the overdrive defeat switch activated? This will cause it to decelerate more rapidly too.

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