Vibration @ 60 mph +


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Vibration @ 60 mph +

I have a 2004 Sonata that starts vibrating at speeds over 60 mph. 0-60 it floats. I was thinking alignment, EGR Valve? Any ideas?
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Welcome to the forums and the pothole state.

I'd say you have a tire out of balance. You may have lost a wheel weight when hitting a pothole. Sometimes you can visually see where one has fallen off.

Does your steering wheel shake too ?
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Unbalanced tire is my first thought also.
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PJmax - steering wheel vibrates but doesn't shimmy like when you need your wheels balanced. I was thinking alignment because it's a full body vibration. Would worn motor mounts pay into this? I did replace the mount nearest the firewall because the engine was torquing in that direction.
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I think wheel balance as well. I had a bad winter a few years ago and had to re-balance three of the wheels and replace the fourth.

I wouldn't think engine with the speed having to be above 60, so mounts and EGR aren't on the top of my list - I'd look at the alignment if the wheels are all good.
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Check your tires, especially the rear ones, for cupping. That can cause vibration which you won't feel in the steering wheel.
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At this time of year, I often have varying amounts of frozen slush and sand that accumulates in the inboard side of my wheels creating an imbalance condition, and it re-locates itself depending on road conditions and whether I park the car in the sun or not.

Hosing the backside of the wheels out with hot water . . . . and sometimes scraping them often cures the problem.

It's not a problem in warmer climates, and some wheels are designed to prevent an accumulation of this frozen material . . . . and I suppose New Jersey is borderline.
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I'd say you have a tire out of balance.
That's a quote from PJmax & I agree 100%. Stickshift also agreed.
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I can rule out cupping because the tires are brand new. I will check the balance and alignment...see what's up there...hopefully that's all it is. If not could control arm bushings weigh in here? fingers crossed...:-)

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Did the issue just start with the new tires? Did you have them road force balanced? I've seen new tires with excessive road force straight from the factory, so don't rule out a bad tire. I believe anything over 20 lbs of RF for a passenger car is excessive. Find a shop with a Hunter GSP9700 road force balancer and have the tires match-mounted and balanced and see if the problem goes away. If the problem still persists, then the suspension is the next thing I would check.

Here's the link to find a GSP9700 near you:

Also, some tires will develop flat spots from sitting overnight in extremely cold weather. Once you drive it for a while they typically go away. What kind of tires did you get out of curiosity?
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Who installed the tires?
Did they balance them?
Why did you get new tires .. were the old tires wearing well?
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I can think of a few possibilities, but the first and most common would be a wheel/tire out of balance, probably on the front. Don't overlook a damaged wheel, bad tie rod ends or an out-of-round tire either.
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I can rule out cupping because the tires are brand new
Before you said the tires were new, I was thinking tread separation (if not a balance issue). Separation can cause some serious vibrations, but I'm not sure if that can happen with a new tire.
The one time it happened to me, the tires looked great and showed no sign of any damage.

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