Vibration in 95 Corolla


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Vibration in 95 Corolla

I have a 95 Toyota Corolla that I'm getting some vibration from. At idle everything seems fine but once I get up to 40mph or more I get a vibration when accelerating or when going up a incline. If I let of the gas the vibration stops. When going downhill or on level ground no vibration. What do you think is causing this. I first noticed it several weeks ago, but it was a small vibration but it has been getting worse an worse. Thanks for any help.
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would probably check the tires maybe even rotate them from front to back and see if it makes a difference. with car jacked up would also check for excessive play at ball joints, tie rods, or wheel bearings you can check this by grabbing the tire at the 12 and 6 o clock position and see if there is any play and again at the 3 and 9 o clock position and would also look at the transaxle axle shafts for torn or damaged boots that could lead to a bad joint witch eventually will cause vibration also.
or just visit a shop and have them look it over.
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If it were the tires or tire related (ball joint, bearings...) wouldn't it continue to vibrate when letting off the gas? I feel like its something to do with the engine. Wondering if it could be the motor mounts but it seems like it would vibrate/shake the whole time during during acceleration and not just up at higher speeds.
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Plausible for motor or trannie mounts, sure.
Also, check control arm bushings. Think what happens when you apply torque to wheel. Wheel wants to go faster than car, right, pulling car forward? What is wheel connected to? Hub. Hub? To control arm.
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Vibration on acceleration often a CV going bad. Had that on wife's previous Camry several years ago. Had me stumped for a while.
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Engine misfiring under load ?

When were the spark plugs last changed ... new wires - tune-up.??

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