2003 Ford Explorer engine help needed


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2003 Ford Explorer engine help needed

I have a 2003 6 cylinder 4.0 liter Ford Explorer. A valve spring broke on the driver side and I mistakenly removed the cam shaft in order to replace the spring. I marked everything very carefully so I could make sure to put everything back how I found it (for proper timing). However, due to the valve spring pressures, I was not able to get the cam shaft bolted down in the exact same position as it was in when I removed it. Because of this, the engine is now only running on three cylinders (passenger side). So, unless someone can tell me why I am wrong, I believe the fix should be simple. I just need to put the engine at top dead center (how?), disconnect the driver side cam shaft sprocket/chain (which is not keyed to the cam shaft amazingly), turn the cam shaft to its correct TDC position, and then reconnect the cam sprocket/chain. Whalllah! Right?

However, I need someone who can tell me how to line the engine up TDC and what exact position the driver side cam shaft is supposed to be in when the engine is at top dead center. I cannot seem to find that answer. Can anybody help?

Thanks in advance!
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There should be a marking on the crankshaft pulley for cylinder 1 TDC. As far as aligning the camshaft to the sprocket, I don't have a lot of experience. Why they aren't keyed is surprising to me. My guess would be with cylinder 1 at TDC, the cam lobes should not be putting any pressure on the cylinder 1 valves. And if you know the firing order, you should be able to figure out the proper camshaft position while viewing the opposite bank as a guide. Not sure if this applies to your engine, but if it does it should help: http://www.explorerforum.com/forums/....php?p=2419107
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im sorry man but there is only one way to time this engine. and that is with the proper timing tools. also i would be very worried that you have now broke the chain guides and that could require removal of the engine. there are few videos on youtube that can help you with this. like these


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