1996 Ford AeroStar surging


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1996 Ford AeroStar surging

My van is surging slighting at cruising speed. It's hard to explain what it is doing.Once you reach a steady speed, there is a surge or hesitation or flutter, it has plenty of power when you step on the gas and there is no sign of any problem, only does it's thing when at a steady speed
Any ideas on what we have going on?
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1. check idle speed control solenoid
2. check for air leaks. vacuum lines/gaskets.
3. clean injectors.
4. how is air filter? You actually control engine power not by letting more gas in with gas pedal, but by letting more air in.
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you didn't mention if you had a check engine light on or not but would probably check for codes for a starting point.
might also inspect the mass air flow sensor it may need cleaned.
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Does the cruse control on your vehicle use a vacuum servo to move the throttle or is it all electrical / electronic ?

God bless

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