Tire pressure


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Tire pressure

Does under-inflating tires increase or decrease maximum load? I have a side issue and don't want to inflate fully.
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Not a pro but I would think it would decrease load capacity. With less pressure, you get weaker sidewalls. this would require a lower maximum weight otherwise the rims get closer to the ground which can cause damage. Road handling and even keeping the bead on the rim can be an issue. I am sure some car guys will be along shortly with a better reason.

- Peter
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Higher air pressure for higher loads. Many vehicles even list different air pressures for normal and heavily loaded conditions.
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Pilot Dane is 100% correct. But understanding that this is not your question, running radials, which is the vast majorities today, with low tire pressure is inviting a problem; much more so than with older bias ply tires. A reduction in pressure will more often than not eventually cause the sidewall to blow out, instantly deflating it.
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I don't know what your side issue is. The maximum weight carrying rating at the maximum tire pressure that the tire is rated at is on the sidewall of the tire. This IS NOT the normal everyday tire pressure that you should use. Start with the vehicle manufactures recommendations on that. Under inflating is dangerous and decreases load carrying ability.

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