2002 Honda Civic dead: blown fusible link?


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2002 Honda Civic dead: blown fusible link?

The other day I went to start my car, and when I turned my key in the ignition there was no response at all. The battery didn't activate, no lights turned on, no cranking/turning over occurred. Considering I just replaced my battery within the last 3 months, I am assuming I have a blown fusible link.

I have a multitester and would like to test the battery and the fusible link. On my civic, how can I do this?

Additionally...if I find the link to be bad - how easy/costly is this repair?

Thank you very much.
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Welcome to the forums.

Have you tried jumping yet in case you just left a light on or something and drained the battery?
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If you had a blown fusible link you would have had smoke. A fusible link burns open.

Check the battery for 12VDC on the battery posts...... not the battery clamps. You could have a clamp to battery connection issue.

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