Lost electrical power after trying to start engine


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Lost electrical power after trying to start engine

I was about to start my 2000 Saturn V6 sedan the other night when the engine cranked a few times and stopped. Then it would not crank anymore.

The battery acted like it was totally dead. Not even the lights would come on after that initial crank.

From past experience, when the battery is weak, the engine would crank slower or the starter solenoid would just click. But none of that happened.

Checked the battery with voltmeter and I got 12.1 volts. Charging up the battery tonight.

Any ideas where my problem might exist? Is there a main fuse that can disconnect the battery to the rest of the electrical system?

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i would clean and tighten your terminals at the battery.
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How old is the battery? It should charge at better than 12.5 v. Most likely one or more cells won't take a full charge.
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Follow and clean all exposed battery cable connections well! For example sand the connections where the cable connects to the starter. Had a Neon which acted like sometimes it got power to the dash, and nothing other times. Sanded dirt/rust off and viola! Ran/started perfectly.
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Problem solved. It turned out to be a bad battery.

Bought a new battery and measured the voltage before installing. It measured 12.7 volts. Engine started right up.

The old battery was less than 3 years old, but was not able to hold much of a charge. When charged, it measured 12.5 volts, but did not have enough current to do anything.

Thanks for the replies.

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