Jumping one car to another


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Jumping one car to another

I was just reading an article from Costco and using jumper cables. They say that you can get a surge and harm your car even if the cables are good and properly connected. I do under stand that they are pushing suitcase-style boosters.The ones with small batteries in a little box. The big question is can my car be harmed it I try an jump start another car??
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If you turn off the engine of the vehicle providing the boost and connect the cables correctly no harm will come to either vehicle.
Just be sure to only turn over the vehicle being started for only a brief amount of time so as to not run the good battery too low.
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I've been jumping cars for over 40 years & never had a problem. It's good to have a battery pack & I always try that first.

One time a friend of mine & myself were stuck with Buick in the 70s at 4 AM. We called another friend from a phone booth. He came to help but didn't bring cables. I touched the steel bumpers together & used 2 of those old fashioned steel jacks to connect the positive terminals on the batteries. The car started, on the first try.
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I have had batteries so dead the car wouldn't start if just connected to a second full size car battery. The two batteries just "equalized" at a level too low to turn the engine over. Only leaving the car connected to another car with the engine running 15 min.-30min. so the alternator of the running car could charge both batteries was I able to get the car running.

Imagine how one of those battery pack jumpers with a small battery would work in that situation. If the dead battery is just a little the probably work fine but in worst case situation I doubt it. But I can't answer your main question. My knowledge is mostly pre-everything-electronic. If you are concerned I'd suggest disconnecting the dead battery before jumping it and letting the other car idle as it charges. Disconnect the jumpers and test after fifteen minutes.

(Note: if the charging car has automatic after dark headlights they need to disable them from the emergency off switch. Had that problem when a friend jumped one night. Mine wouldn't start till her headlights were off for a while with engine idling.)
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The big question is can my car be harmed it I try an jump start another car??

The bigger question is what year/make/model of car do you have ??
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2012 HONDA CRV. I have jumped a few cars,mine being one.Never had a problem.
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The short answer is YES, it can ham both the receiver and giver. If the manual shows how to jump start from another car then do exactly as shown. I speak from experience. I had my car twice blown alternator by giving jumps to other cars. I will no long provide a jump.
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Been out of town so late getting into this. Norm's short answer pretty much covers it; there are some cars nowadays that are very sensitive to voltage levels. As also noted the safest DIY way is with the engine OFF on the jump provider, otherwise you are sending something on the order of 14 volts. FWIW the only way I do jump starts is with my portable box which is capable of getting one going with a dead, DEAD battery. I don't even carry cables; the box works or it gets towed.
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the box works or it gets towed.
LOL. That's hilarious. _________________

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