2005 Sonata clutch kit


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2005 Sonata clutch kit

150k miles, car was running great and one day all of a sudden I couldnt disengage the clutch (clutch pedal wont go all the way down) I was told it was due to a bad throw out bearing. car can still be started in 1st and shifted from there (without the clutch of coarse) so I know the tranny is still good. Im going to buy a new clutch kit for it, my question is what are the odds the flywheel is bad also? the price difference with/without the flywheel is about $300 so if I can get by without doing so that would be great.
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Usually when a flywheel goes bad, it's the teeth where the starter engages. I have yet to see a flywheel go bad otherwise.
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I agree, if it's been starting fine the odds are the flywheel is still good. My grandson's car had the clutch assembly come apart, destroyed the bell housing, gouged up the end of the crank but the flywheel is still good. The throw out bearing is just part of the mechanism that engages the clutch and doesn't make contact with the flywheel.

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